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Our Story

DNSS is the Do Not Spoof Service. We are an initiative, funded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), to combat malicious caller-id spoofing.


Since 2017, our team has been working on building technologies that help identify spoofed calls and reduce the surface area for malicious caller-id spoofing. 

DNSS helps organizations protect their reputation, helps communications providers protect the integrity of their services, and most importantly, helps 

potential victims by reducing the surface area for malicious caller-id spoofing.

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The Problem

"Hi, this is the IRS calling. The police are on their way due to unpaid taxes. We need you to immediately send us $500..."

Does this sounds familiar? Criminals frequently impersonate organizations like the IRS, DHS, Dept. of Education, credit card companies, etc., and employ tactics like the one above to scare and defraud victims. They do this by spoofing real phone numbers, to make it appear as though they are in fact the organization in question. This makes it very difficult for a victim to discern if a call is legitimate. 

Often, the phone numbers used to spoof organizations are a special type of number 

known as a Do Not Originate (DNO) number. 

DNO numbers are numbers that are not set-up to make out-bound calls..

Learn more about DNO in the video below!

Our Solution

Because DNO numbers are not intended to make outbound calls, when an outbound call appears to be coming from a DNO 

number, it suggests that the call is most likely fraudulent. The challenge though is that most DNO numbers are unknown to communications providers - if they were better known, spoofed outbound DNO calls could be blocked and/or potential victims could be notified via caller-id.

With DNSS, DNO numbers can be registered and validated by the organizations who own the numbers. These numbers are then distributed to 

communications providers, thereby forcing criminals to spoof numbers not associated with the organizations they are trying to impersonate. 

See how DNSS works in the video below!


How DNSS Works


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